Practical Advice to Contractors

Not so long ago contractors rarely needed to prepare designs for the projects they bid for. Some contractor engineering design element to a project is now more the norm. This is particularly true in the case of the design for the foundations. We have many years of designing foundations for contractor businesses and understand the balance between cost and value.

Value Engineering

This is a phrase often used but rarely fully understood. Our designs are not simply engineering calculations to meet codes of practice. We focus on the Engineering and practicality of the design to get the best value. By example, in simple terms, a propped piled basement wall will give the cheapest piling price. However, once the contractor adds the cost of props and difficulty excavating the value of this option can be less than a cantilever piled wall. Therefore, experience and understanding the needs of the project play a significant part in arriving at the best value.  

Construction Support

Ground investigation reports cannot be accurate across 100% of the site and geology can change from one position to another. We have experience in reacting quickly and effectively when ground conditions are not as expected. We understand that preparing a revised design that minimises costs and delay is critical to gaining the support of your customer.  


Where foundation engineering disputes arise, we can help by taking the role of geotechnical specialist. We can review the foundation design and construction processes and advise on the probable cause of any geotechnical engineering problems. Take some time to read our Case History on our work at Chernobyl to see how we can help.

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