House Subsidence Insurance Claim Advice

House and building insurance has included subsidence cover since 1971 letting you claim for damage from uneven movement of your building’s foundations. Establishing the reasons why damage has occurred can be difficult needing a range of building subsidence surveys on your home. Using these surveys, Engineers can design remedial schemes to prevent further movement. Completing the remedial scheme allows restoration of the building to its former condition.

Making an insurance claim will be your first step in dealing with the damage that has occurred. Critical to your claim is the subsidence survey and monitoring report prepared by an agent of your insurer. Importantly, surveys should be done by experienced subsidence engineers with varied skill sets. producing detailed report that often contain technical terms that you may not fully understand. Most importantly for you, they often conclude that there is no valid subsidence insurance claim. 

Subsidence Insurance Claim Review and Survey

Reviewing all of the reports, letters and documents, C Hobbs Associates will advise you about the certainty of your insurers conclusions. We will make recommendations if there is a good case to press for a change in the insurer’s decision. Then you will then employ us to prepare a detailed review of all the reports and perform our own subsidence survey. Importantly, you will include this review in your letter disputing your insurers’ decision. Our reviews highlight omissions in the insurer’s survey or errors in the interpretation of the data. Critically, we will show how the evidence obtained may have been wrongly interpreted. Using sound engineering arguments, we will explain why we believe your insurance claim should be allowed. 

This is the first step on the process of disputing your insurers decision. Furthermore, your insurer may decide to reach a better settlement after reviewing our subsidence survey report in detail. However, if you are still unhappy with the insurer’s decision, we can be in the background ready to offer you advice and support in the pursuit of your claim.

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