Expert Advice for Piling and Geotechnical Engineering

We offer expert advice for piling and geotechnical engineering and support on construction projects having issues of quality or productivity.  So, when problems arise, call us straight away to get the best value from our support. Bringing us in at an early stage allows us to get the project back on track quickly. Thereby minimising the effect on your overall project program and the quality of the work.

Expert Advice with Design Problems

Ground investigation reports cannot be accurate across 100% of the site and geology can change from one position to another. Importantly, all our Engineers are skilled and experienced at analysing these reports and the results of full scale tests. Therefore, we can identify possible causes of poor foundation performance quickly. As a result, we can make recommendations for remedial work to overcome the problem at an early stage. Read our brief description of the role we played looking at a design problem in Essex on our case history page.

Construction Quality Problems

Improvements quality and production are possible by drawing on our many years of experience. For instance, machine operation, equipment quality, operative experience and quality of the materials can all contribute to construction problems. Read our brief summary of our involvement in Chernobyl and our work for Arup on our case history page to see how we can make a difference.

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