Consultancy Support to Consultants and Contractors

We constantly strive to find ways of reducing business risk and costs as the financial margins are squeezed particularly in construction. Risk in all its forms is seen as the most important factor to properly control a successful project. Hence, we offer business support to the management teams of consultancy practices and contractors. 

Troubleshooting and Risk Management 

We provide geotechnical advice and support on many construction projects on issues of quality or productivity.  If problems arise, call us during the construction process to get the best value from our support. By calling us in at an early stage we can help to bring the project back on track quickly. This helps minimise the effect on the program and quality of the work.

Bid Management

It’s no secret that the success in tendering for a major project depends upon good bid management. Therefore, identifying risk in the project is critical to the success of the tender. C Hobbs Associates Ltd has a wealth of experience in bidding for ground engineering work globally. Project values range from the smallest piling project through to major foundation engineering projects.

Business Support and Change

At C Hobbs Associates Limited we have the experience and skills to advise on introducing change into a business. For instance, bringing in new products and reorganising the structure to make the business more competitive. Additionally, we have a depth of experience in business development to help you grow your business even in difficult times. Also, we can take the role of a non-executive director on your board, providing advice and support.

Contact Us

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