Managing Change

At C Hobbs Associates Limited we have the experience and skills to advise you on implementing and managing change in your business. For instance, bringing in new products and reorganising the structure making the business more competitive. Additionally, we have a depth of experience in business development. This experience will help you grow your business even in difficult times. Securing our services in the role of non-executive director will provide you with ongoing advice and support.

Introduction of New Products

We were pioneers for the introduction and implementation of rotary methods of limited access piling. Importantly, we developed this capability to include 450 mm and 600 mm diameter piles. Working closely with Brazilian machine manufacturers we  built a limited access piling machine to our specification. Introducing this machine into the UK market was instrumental in the replacement of the more dangerous piling method of using tripod rigs.

Business Development

Especially relevant is our experience gained helping a major global foundation engineering contractor set up business in the UK. Also, we have experience in introducing new working practices to new and emerging businesses. This has enabled them to grow more profitably and much quicker than would have otherwise been possible.

Our skills and experience in business development and change are perfect for the role of non-executive director providing support and expertise to the leadership team. Helping to set the business strategy and constructively challenging the Board to drive business improvement.

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