Major Bid management

It’s no secret that the success in tendering for a major project depends upon good bid management. Therefore, identifying risk is critical to the success of the tender. C Hobbs Associates Ltd has a wealth of experience in bidding for ground engineering work globally. Project values range from the smallest piling project through to major foundation engineering projects. Most noteworthy of these are the following projects:

In the UK

Crossrail station boxes, Lee Tunnel shafts; London Underground station upgrades and projects at the Hinckley and Sellafield Nuclear plants.

In Australia

Roy Hill mine project including conveyor foundations, bridge foundations and finally the car dumper and yard, 500 Hay Street  and Queen Elizabeth Quay.

Other Countries

Kazakhstan conductor piling, Dubai palm bridge piling, Saudi Arabia pipeline supports and various projects in Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

Importantly, we have a broad range of experience working with customers developing smart answers to their ground engineering problems. Furthermore, our unique insight into how a major bid is put together, greatly improves the chance of your tender being successful. So, improve your chance of a successful tender by utilising our skills in foundation design bid management.

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